On the Cheap

Capital Metro Bus - The schedules can be confusing, but the trip planner feature on the website helps. Single rides are $1, day passes are $2.
Walk - Check out the map page for the dozens of restaurants, food trucks, and entertainment venues within a mile or two of the hotel.

Breakfast Tacos
  • Taco Shack is 0.7 miles away and has a ton of tacos available all day long for about $2/taco.
  • Juan in a Million is about 2 miles away and is home to the 3/4 pound Don Juan breakfast taco you might have seen on Man vs. Food.
  • Porfirio's Tacos is 1.5 miles away but higher quality than the two above. No website, but read the review here.
Food Trucks
  • Torchy's Tacos is 0.9 miles away and has great tacos and amazing queso. Tacos are $2-4. The queso is $5 but is a meal by itself.
  • Izzoz's Tacos is 0.8 miles away and has great Mexican food for pretty cheap: tacos are $2-4 and tortas are around $6.50.
  • Ms P's Electric Cock is 0.5 miles away and has fried chicken and waffles. 2 pieces of chicken with a roll and jalapenos is $6.
  • Wurst Tex is 1 mile away and has great sausages for $5-8.
Diners & Other Restaurants
  • Magnolia Cafe is 1.2 miles away, is open 24/7 and has tons of cheap, delicious foods. Amazing and enormous gingerbread pancakes are $4.50 for a short stack and I bet you can't eat more than two.
  • Home Slice Pizza is 0.8 miles away and you can get a slice for about $3.

  • The Capitol is 1.2 miles away, has beautiful grounds, and a fun and free tour of the building.
  • Barton Springs is 1.6 miles away, and is a stunning and enormous spring-fed pool. Pay $3 to get in to the main pool, or walk through the playground and down the stone staircase to get to the free side. The hillside theatre next to the pool has free shows after the sun goes down.
  • Bat Viewing is 0.2 miles away on the Ann Richards Bridge. Get there at dusk to watch 1.5 million bats fly out for their nightly hunt.
The free section of Barton Springs. It's also a dog park!