WashingCon Covid Information

Last updated June 24, 2021.

Vaccination Requirement

The NPL Board has made the decision that full vaccination is required for all attendees with reasonable accommodations for those too young to be vaccinated.

Because of the two week "waiting period" after a final vaccine dose before someone is considered fully protected, Krewe are asked to provide their vaccine status as of June 15th.

All NPL members in attendance will have indicated that they are vaccinated upon registration. We will trust that this is true and will not be asking for further proof of vaccination.

At registration time, vaccine information is also needed for all non-attendee guests who will be at the hotel, including family members who are traveling with Krewe. Non-vaccinated guests will not be allowed in convention spaces.

Drop-in guests will be allowed to attend if they have been vaccinated. The NPL member who accompanies the drop-ins will be responsible for verification and the board and host will trust that NPL member.

Meals & Hospitality Suite

Meals will be served buffet style, self serve. It is up to us to observe whatever social distancing we want. We have a few young attendees who are not eligible to be vaccinated; we will give them and their parents the opportunity to go first in line. Note: Switching to table service would have increased interactions between us and hotel staff and made social distancing harder for those who desired it, plus it would have increased costs beyond the budget.

Hospitality room food is being modified somewhat from the usual fare, which means that many things (but not everything) will be in individual wrappers. George Groth notes that bananas are already individually wrapped.

Washington, DC Information

As of June 11, Washington, DC has lifted all capacity limits. This means that all registrations for WashingCon will be honored.

According to the Westin Washington, D.C. City Center’s website, “Consistent with the most recent CDC guidance, fully vaccinated guests are no longer required to wear face coverings or social distance in indoor or outdoor areas of the hotel.” Since all adult WashingCon attendees have indicated upon registration that they have been vaccinated, we will not be requiring masks at the convention. We are trusting each of you to make a decision that makes you feel comfortable. Please extend that trust to your fellow Krewe members. Three members of the Code of Conduct Committee will be attending WashingCon and you can speak to them if anyone is making you feel uncomfortable.

Face coverings are still required in Washington, D.C. on public transportation, ride shares, and in museums, so please do not leave home without them.

Business Meeting

The meeting will be held 100% online on Zoom so as to not to bias results of the 2023 bid by this year's low attendance.

Hotel Safety Information

DC has lifted all Covid restrictions, but the hotel is cognizant of concerns that guests have. Hotel staff will wear masks whenever they interact with us, but some staff may not be vaccinated.

You may request that your room not be cleaned by housekeeping and/or that your sheets/towels not be changed (at this time, we're not sure how you make that request).

Here is some information about precautions and guidelines from the host hotel.


If you've already registered but would prefer to cancel due to safety concerns, $8.90 has asked to be contacted directly to facilitate a refund.