Official Program

????? Hidden Contest by ?????

The hidden contest may be presented anytime. Find it. Solve it. Do what it says. The solution will not be explained until Sunday morning, so multiple people can discover it.

Thursday, July 1st

8:00PM Welcome! An evening of puzzles and games

True/False Wordplay by Willz

Decide whether each wordplay statement is true or false. The person who has the longest streak of correct answers wins.

Spelling Wasp by Cute Mage

Like a spelling bee, only a little more complicated. Pick the longest word you can spell using the round’s restrictions.

Three on a Match by WXYZ

A category word game in which it pays to think like others.

Friday, July 2nd

8:00PM Another evening of puzzles and games

Central Bank by Murdoch

Deposit letters in your bank. Make the biggest withdrawal you can. Does that compound your interest?

Three-Way Switch by Pacho and T McAy

Make sense of a set of mixed-up crossword-style clues. The fewer clues you need, the more you’ll score.

M_T_H G_M_ by Kryptogram and Noam

Spinoff of the classic TV game show. Answers must match given letter patterns.

Saturday, July 3rd

2:15PM An afternoon of pencil-and-paper competitions:

Reinstatements by Bluff

In which, e.g., RECOILED + North Carolina = RECONCILED.

Time Test by Willz

Seven wordplay challenges. 30 minutes. Go!

Border Crossings [flat-solving competition]

organized by Saxifrage Each flat includes a symbol of both the United States and Canada.

6:45PM The Golden Sphinx Awards presented by Btnirn [during dessert]

Recognizing outstanding achievement in contributions to The Enigma in 2020.

7:45PM Convention photo at Planet Word

8:00PM An Evening at Planet Word

Private visit to the newly opened museum of words and language (six blocks from the hotel). Including …

Planet Word Puzzlehunt by Qoz

Use the printed brochure to solve puzzles throughout the museum to discover ...

Lexicon Lane by Slik and friends

Groups of 5-6 players will tackle challenges from a 2,200-square-foot word puzzle gallery on the museum’s third floor. Reserve a slot for 8:00, 8:30, 9:00, or 9:30.

Sunday, July 4th

Meal times

Friday dinner 6:00-7:30PM, Saturday lunch 12:30-1:45PM, dinner 6:00-7:20PM. Sunday brunch 8:00-10:00AM.

(Note: On your own for Saturday breakfast.)