Business Meeting

The following has been excerpted from the June edition of The Enigma.

Even though many of us hope to be at WashingCon in person, the annual business meeting will be held over Zoom on Saturday, July 3, at 8a Pacific/11a Eastern.

Please sign in for Zoom meeting ID and password.

While there will be time for a Q&A discussion about the 2023 Con bids, we’re hoping to control the chaos as best we can. Please submit questions and comments in advance through Google Forms or emailing the vice presidents.

Voting on the 2023 Con location will be done via Google Forms. Voting will take place only during the meeting and the voting link will be shared then.

We’ve included relevant materials in this issue, starting on page 23: the 2023 Con bids and reports from the Editor, Secretary, and Treasurer. Please read these beforehand, so we can make the most of our limited time at the meeting. Thank you.

2023 Con Bids

For questions for the 2023 con bidders, please ask them using the Google form.

If Krewe have a question for a particular bidder during the business meeting, please ask it after that host has given their pitch. There is time on the agenda for this, although it is hoped that most questions will have been asked using the form and answered in the pitches.

If, after all three pitches, there are still questions that weren't answered or covered in the above cases, there will be some time to ask them. Jeffurry intends to try to keep the meeting moving along before this point to provide more time for questions after the three pitches, at the request of various Krewe. The board acknowledges that Krewe felt rushed to vote last year and are taking steps to reduce the risk of repeating that feeling this year. As there is still time pressure, though, Krewe are advised to avoid non-vital commentary such as "I just want to say that all three bids were great."