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Unofficial and After-Hours Games and Activities

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Original Games - Jeopardy!

Noam American Jeopardy!
Time: 20-30 minutes, run multiple times during the convention. Organizing a group of players (preferably 5 or 6) on your own is smiled upon.
Capital R Answer in the Form of a Question
Co-written with G2znii. Will run it as often as I can.
Noam Canadian Jeopardy!
Same as the American version, but with more local colour and flavour. Time: 20-30 minutes, which is about 70 to 90 in Fahrenheit.
Jeffurry Jeffurry Jeopardy 8
I'm poutine this here to make sure I'll have the questions written and the stickers slapped on the cards in time.
Squonk Lazy Host Jeopardy!
What's the worst part of hosting a Jeopardy! game? Play my game and find out! Will be run multiple times during the convention.
Arcs Makeshift Jeopardy 2
If you played Makeshift 1, you know that it wasn't exactly "Jeopardy." And you know that it wasn't exactly "finished." But this one's totally different and exactly what you expect, I swear.
Qaqaq North American Jeopardy!
Why limit yourself, I say.

Original Games - Trivia/Quiz

Dart Faster!
A new version of my fast paced trivia game. The game is for up to 6 people.
Tinhorn Split Second, The Third
And we're back! A quiz game for three or four pairs, where part of the game is seeing how quickly you can figure out what is going to be asked from the four items listed on the screen. Each question has four parts, and each team will get a chance to answer at least one of them each time -- do you buzz in quickly to try to take down the one you think you know, or do you wait for the question to be asked to make sense of it all (risking other teams buzzing in earlier and scooping the easier answers)? Running time: about 70 minutes. Will be run several times during the Convention.

Original Games - Other

T McAy Corporate Ladders
Get into the business of solving word ladders. Your corporation will prosper if you concentrate on speed and an efficient use of resources. This game was previously presented at the 2013 Las Vegas Minicon. Players: Up to 8 teams (a team is 1-2 people). Time: 40 minutes. The game will be run multiple times throughout the convention.
Teams of three, with each member providing one of three correct answers to each question independently. Questions involve a mix of wordplay and trivia.

Mini Extravaganzae

Qoz The Librarian's Almanaq (Friday night after official events)
The Librarian's Almanaq is a puzzlehunt/extravaganza in book form that was first released for Microsoft Puzzle Hunt 16 in April. It is now for sale on Amazon (see If you wait until con, I will be conducting an after-hours solving session for teams of 6-ish (my treat). I'll also bring some extra copies for sale, which I will be happy to sign in invisible ink, or bring a copy you already have, and I'll sign it.
Trazom, Rubrick The Treasure of Triple-Sixty
A miniganza from the 60th Semi-Annual Equinox Party

Walkaround Puzzles

Dart Vancouver Walkarounds
Planning to have the same structure as last time: three small walkarounds in three locations. Doing any or all of them are optional -- you could choose to do just one and it's pretty much complete -- but the job of the final solve is easier if you do more than one or if you compare notes with someone who's done a different one. The three areas I have are Gastown, Robson Square/Vancouver Art Gallery and the Seawall between Burrard Street and Davie Street.

Handouts - Pencil-and-Paper Puzzles

Jangler 15x15 Marching Bands

Handouts - Cryptic Crosswords

One cryptic and one "other."
Wheels, Jo the Loiterer At least two cryptics
Trazom, Hot Cryptics from The Nation
A selection of puzzles from the past year
Ucaoimhu One or more cryptics


Sue++ First Annual NPL 5k Run/Walk
Come join us for the First Annual NPL 5k event, the only race in the world with a cryptic at the end! The event is planned for Thursday at 9 am, and is open to both runners and walkers. Toonhead! has designed a fantastic race medal which you can get for finishing the 5k, at cost (approximately $7.00). Come to run, walk, or just cheer on everyone at the finish line whilst enjoying the cryptic and the beautiful Vancouver outdoors. Please contact Sue++ (using alias sueplusplus) if you're interested. IMPORTANT: There had been some issues with my email that recently got resolved. If you think you signed up for the race but have not heard back from me, you are not signed up! Please contact me again in that case.