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For more activities, see the Unofficial program page.
Visit the Bidwell room on the 7th floor for paper programs, puzzle handouts, and walkaround puzzles.


Hidden Contest by ????

The hidden contest may be presented at any time. Find it. Solve it. Do what it says.

Wednesday, July 8th

6:00PM Picnic [at Creekside Community Recreation Center]

Thursday, July 9th

8:00PM Welcome! An evening of puzzles and games:

Fitting Words by Wabbit and Toonhead!

Mix with the Krewe while collecting clues to a visual wordplay puzzle.

Hot Plates by Alice and Brampersandon, presented by Hot

A souped-up model of the classic license plate game.

Bringo by Spelvin

The Bingo cards for this game were held up in customs. We hope you won't mind making your own.

First Base by LeXman and Marcus Asparagus

A creative over-the-weekend competition.

Middle of the Road by Trick

Wish You Were Here by Andreas and Witz

Over-the-weekend cryptics for pairs solving.
Solutions are due by 8:00PM Saturday.

Friday, July 10th

Daytime Sightseeing around Vancouver [on your own]

8:00PM Another evening of puzzles and games:

Green Energy by Shrdlu

Don't be wasteful. Reuse and recycle the letters you are given.

I Don't Wanna Be Right by Dart

A trivia game in which a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Lieutenant Nodumbo and the Case of the Mangled Manuscript by Rubrick, Slik and friends

The lieutenant triumphantly returns in a collaborative storytelling mystery — with a twist.

Saturday, July 11th

10:00AM Business meeting

2:15PM An afternoon of pencil-and-paper competitions:

Time Test by Willz

A seven-part wordplay exam. You have 30 minutes.

Vowelled Expressions by Bluff

Supply the correct consonants to complete the familiar sayings.

Keep It Concrete [flat-solving competition] compiled by Saxifrage

In these concrete poems composed by the Krewe, the shapes of the flats also convey meaning.

5:30PM Convention photo (dressing up is welcome)

7:00PM The Golden Sphinx Awards presented by Teki [after dinner]

Recognizing outstanding achievement in contributions to The Enigma in 2014.

8:00PM Back to the Drawing Board by Dozen and QED

Solvers will have to build something new, taking inspiration from recent inventions.

Sunday, July 12th

10:30AM Awards for all the weekend contests

Meal times

Friday dinner 6:00-7:30PM (followed by a sing-along), Saturday breakfast 8:00-10:00AM, lunch 12:00-1:30PM, dinner 6:00-7:30PM, Sunday breakfast 8:30-10:30AM