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Booking Your Room for Rcouvery

Here are some ancillary notes on the Coast's reservation system which hopefully will make the process even easier for you.

Your choices are:

AComfort Room with 2 double beds
BComfort Room with 1 Queen size bed + sofa bed
CSuperior Room with 2 double beds
DSuperior Room with 1 Queen size bed + sofa bed
EOne Bedroom suite with 2 double beds + sofa bed + optional queen size cot
FOne bedroom suite with King size bed + sofa bed + optional queen size cot

The room rates (in Canadian $) are:

Rates single double triple quad quintet sextet
A-B 159 159 179 199 n/a n/a
C-D 189 189 209 229 n/a n/a
E-F 219 219 239 259 279 299
On the reservation screen, choices A and B are grouped together as are choices C and D.

So, for any of these four choices, to show your preference for Queen or Double/Double, proceed to the screen where you enter personal information and in the Other Information/additional requests box indicate your preference for double/double or queen size.

The hotel will not guarantee with your reservation which bed combination you will get so if it is essential to you that you get a particular bed combination, we recommend strongly that you call 1-800-663-1144 to reinforce your request.

Cots are only available in suites. If you wish to add a cot, follow the same procedure and indicate you wish a cot. We are advised that only a limited number of cots are available.