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Official BeaCon Program

????? Hidden Contest by ????
The hidden contest may be presented at any time. Find it. Solve it. Do what it says. The solution will not be explained until Sunday morning, so multiple people may solve it over the weekend.

Wednesday, July 5th
5:00PM Pre-Con Picnic [on the Rooftop]

Thursday, July 6th
8:00PM Welcome! An evening of puzzles and games:

Shifting Gears by Shrdlu
You’ll have a new partner in every round of this rapid-fire categories game.

inCLUEded by Murdoch
A general-knowledge quiz in which the answers are included in the clues!

Cryptictionary by 530nm330Hz and Tortoise
A creative team challenge in which you’ll learn that a great cryptic clue can be a work of art.

Boston Garden by Q*Bert
Make Way for Ducklings by Trazom
Outside the Box by Mr E
Over-the-weekend cryptics for pairs solving. Solutions are due by 8:00PM Saturday.

Friday, July 7th
8:00PM Another evening of puzzles and games:

Entry Points by T McAy and Trick
Identify words from clues in their dictionary entries. Use fewer clues to score more points.

Consonant Conundrum by Bluff
A trivia game in which you need to avoid popular consonants in your answers.

On the Rack by Hot
In which seven players become living letter tiles and rearrange themselves to form words suggested by their teammates.

Saturday, July 8th
10:00AM Business Meeting
2:15PM An afternoon of pencil-and-paper competitions:

Time Test by Willz
Seven wordplay challenges. 30 minutes. Go!

Cartoon Rebuses by Toonhead!
In the style of the old Four-Star Puzzler.

Out of This World [flat-solving competition]
compiled by Saxifrage
Thirty-four new flats by Krewe members, each having a theme of science fiction or fantasy.

5:30PM Convention photo (dressing up is welcome)
6:45PM The Golden Sphinx Awards presented by Teki [during dessert]
Recognizing outstanding achievement in contributions to The Enigma in 2016.
8:00PM Bar Exam [extravaganza] by Navin, Shaggy, Spelvin, and Zebraboy
Apply good judgment and the right defenses, and you just might make partner.

Sunday, July 9th
10:30AM Awards for all the weekend contests

For information on how you can contribute to the official con program, please visit this page.

In addition to the official program, there are always a multitude of Unofficial games and paper-and-pencil puzzles, walk-around puzzles, and the opportunity to solve and play games with many krewemembers in practically every public place in the hotel.