NPL Con Information: Official Program

What is the Official Program?

Puzzle contests were features of the earliest conventions, but Willz, as part of the resurrection of conventions in the mid-1970s, instituted a program of games and puzzles created by League members and presented for entertainment more than serious competition. Similar programs were organized in subsequent years and the program eventually became an "official" part of the convention experience.

Who organizes the Official Program and what does it include?

The Official Program is overseen by a committee of volunteers, currently Willz, Fraz, Rubrick, and Kryptogram. The committee works with convention hosts and members of the League to generate activities and schedule those activities throughout the convention. Common activities include:

How do members of the League contribute to the Official Program?

The committee relies on members of the League for all the program areas listed above. Send ideas for games, puzzles, flat competition themes, discussion topics, etc. to the committee at Many League members who propose ideas for puzzles and games also volunteer to develop the idea and present it at the convention, but this is not a requirement. You can send just an idea and the committee will find others to develop it. The committee is delighted to receive ideas at any time. The committee welcomes innovative and unusual ideas but encourages the following guidelines for most program activities.

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Updated January 6, 2018