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Flat Competition

The Flat Competition, featuring the NPL's signature puzzles created by members, is one of the highlights of the convention.



For flats this year, we're chasing dreams:
From futuristic labs where ONE
Are spliced at their genetic seams
To worlds where TWOs had lots of fun
With fairies, once upon a time.
Though I, WHOLE, must compose this fast,
I urge you, as you write your rhyme,
To take it slow and make it last.

This year's flat competition will feature the theme of science fiction and fantasy. Whether you're into time travel, Game of Thrones, or anything in between, this is your chance to delve into these popular genres. It's a wide arena, so we hope you can all find something inspiring! (Thanks to Toonhead! for the initial suggestion.)

As always, some guidelines: Remember that solvers will be solving under time pressure and without references, so best to save your NI2+ bases for another day (send them to The Enigma!). We like to have a mix of difficulties, but when in doubt, err on the side of making things easier rather than harder.

Please send your flats to Saxifrage via email no later than June 15, 2017. Please put "Con flat submission" in your subject line.