WashingCon — 2021 Convention

July 1-4, 2021, Westin City Centre, Washington, DC

Organized by George Groth

From the Host

While it was a shame that our attendance was perhaps half of what it could have been, it was a case of a silver lining that the smaller attendance (103 registered attendees) allowed for greater opportunities for everyone to talk to everyone else. The competition to get a seat at an after hours game was easy-going. Everything seemed to go smoothly with very positive feedback all around (and if anything had gone amiss I would have heard it). It was a combination of a good setting, a great program and, frankly, the joy of people getting to behave normally.

It was my pleasure to have served as your host.

George Groth

Covid-19 Precautions Current precautions related to WashingCon can be found on the Covid information page, most recently updated on June 24. In brief, the board assumes attendees are truthful about vaccination status and asks attendees to trust fellow Krewe. Vaccinated drop-in guests are permitted under the same honor system, with the accompanying NPL member responsible for the verification of vaccination.

WashingCon is scheduled to take place July 1–4. It will be wonderful to get the Krewe together after missing last year’s convention, put forward for Ontario. It is difficult to be clear on many details because of the uncertainty we all are living through. It is still possible that things can change. However DC is on a good trajectory with more restrictions being lifted and the possibility of a vaccinated population seems like a reality.

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Convention Drop-in Policy
The NPL normally allows local "drop-in" guests to attend one of the evening sessions along with a member. This year, all people who will be in any convention spaces must be pre-registered as a non-attendee by a member and certified as vaccinated by that member.

Code of Conduct
The organizers of this convention are committed to preserving a welcoming and respectful environment for anyone who wishes to participate. We do not tolerate harassment of convention-goers or League members in any form. If you feel that any individual is speaking or acting inappropriately, either toward you or to someone else, please contact a member of the Code of Conduct Committee to mediate or intercede, as necessary. Read the full Code of Conduct here. Read how to report an incident here.