Virtual Walkaround

To help orient yourself around the city, here is a version of Bull's-eye Twenty Questions (or sixteen, to account for the exchange rate), originally published March 6 for Enigmarch, using this downtown/mass transit map.

Which word or phrase on the map...

  1. Can be formed by replacing a letter in MONTRÉAL with two other letters and rearranging the result?
  2. Contains hidden, in consecutive order, a word meaning "novel"?
  3. Is a consonantcy of a word that can mean either "provide" or "get rid of"?
  4. Anagrams to an English or French word for a type of beverage?
  5. Contains in reverse order, a shorter word that can describe the longer entry?
  6. Features a state capital?
  7. When a vowel is replaced by another one (or two), can form a word meaning "strength"?
  8. Can form a French word for an amphibian when a letter is added in between a space and reversed?
  9. Is a false comparative of a type of fruit?
  10. Features the name of a Sesame Street character in consecutive order?
  11. Features a spelling mistake?
  12. Contains hidden, in consecutive order, a two-word phrase meaning "get angry"?
  13. Contains hidden, in reverse order, a word meaning "angry"?
  14. Spells a colour when its middle letters are removed?
  15. When its last letter is dropped, can be rearranged to form two types of wood, one of which appears separately on the map?
  16. Can form, when its first letter is changed to its second and the result rearranged, spell two words that can name quantities of a particular item?