Motréal Covid Information

Last updated June 1, 2023

Indication of vaccination will not be required of those who register for Motréal or for their non-attendee guests. Attendees and guests are encouraged to test for Covid before arriving at the convention.

Mask wearing is optional, but encouraged, especially in high-density settings like the evening program.

Some masks and tests will be provided in the hospitality suite, but please bring your own if you can because supplies will be limited.

If you test positive for Covid while at Con, you will be expected to quarantine for the remainder of the event to minimize the risk of spreading Covid to other Con attendees. Please inform our Con host Noam, your roommates if you have any, and anyone else you have been in close contact with at the Con. Roommates and close contacts should also test to see if they have Covid.

Business Meeting

The 2023 business meeting will be held in person on Saturday.

Hotel Safety Information

The Hotel Bonaventure follows the official protocols of the province of Quebec in determining its Covid-19 policy. There are currently no specific restrictions, however continually updated information can be found on this page and in the links therein. Attendees should exercise caution in accordance with their personal health situation, comfort level, and risk tolerance.