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2022 Contry
2021 WashingCon
2020 Contario
2019 RockOn!
2018 Milwaukee
2017 BeaCon
2016 SiLiCon
2015 Recouvery
2014 MaineCon
2013 ConTex
2012 Orecon
2011 Convidence
2010 ConPac

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Official Program

The Official Program will be posted shortly before con starts.

The basic schedule is the same for every con:

  • Wednesday: Host's picnic in late afternoon/early evening, a social gathering with light food for early arrivals.
  • Thursday evening, 8-11: Introductions for first-time attendees, followed by interactive word games and puzzles; two or three official cryptic crossword puzzles are handed for over-the weekend solving; if there is a hidden contest, it may be announced as well.
  • Friday evening, 8-11: Interactive word games and puzzles.
  • Saturday morning: Business meeting, at which the location of the NPL convention two years hence is decided, along with discussion of other matters that may come up.
  • Saturday afternoon: Pencil-and-paper puzzles for competitive solving, including a flat-solving contest composed of puzzles created especially for the convention. A convention photo of all attendees is taken before or after the competitions.
  • Saturday evening: Presentation of the annual Golden Sphinx awards during dinner, followed by a Puzzle Extravaganza, a themed team-solving event, with multiple puzzles and at least one meta-challenge incorporating answers from other puzzles in the set.
  • Sunday morning: Prize ceremony and tearful good-byes.

For information on how you can contribute to the official con program, please visit this page.

In addition to the official program, there are always a multitude of Unofficial games and paper-and-pencil puzzles, walk-around puzzles, and the opportunity to solve and play games with many krewemembers in practically every public place in the hotel.