Contry Covid Information

Last updated July 9, 2022

Vaccination Requirement

The NPL Board has made the decision that full vaccination is required for all attendees, including getting a booster shot if you are eligible for one, with reasonable accommodations for those too young to be vaccinated.

All NPL members in attendance will have indicated that they are vaccinated upon registration. We will trust that this is true and will not be asking for further proof of vaccination.

At registration time, vaccine information is also needed for all non-attendee guests who will be at the hotel, including family members who are traveling with Krewe. Non-vaccinated guests will not be allowed in convention spaces.

Drop-ins, who attend just one night of the convention, will need to provide proof of vaccination, just like attendees. If drop-ins are coming with a pre-registered NPL member, that NPL member is responsible for making sure they are vaccinated. If the drop-in does not come with a pre-registered NPL member, they should be directed to show proof to a board member.

Mask wearing is optional.

Meals & Hospitality Suite

Meals will be served buffet style in Hermitage E/F. The hospitality suite can be found in the Cumberland Room and is open to all those who meet the vaccination requirement.

CDC Guidance and Site Regulations

The board and the con host will be monitoring and following guidance from the CDC, along with local and state laws, plus any requirements imposed by the hotel.

Business Meeting

The 2022 business meeting will be held in person on Saturday morning.

Hotel Safety Information

We are waiting on additional information from the hotel.