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Hidden Contest

The hidden contest may be presented at any time. Find it. Solve it. Do what it says.

Thursday, July 17th

8:00PM Welcome! An evening of puzzles and games

Meet Your Match by T McAy

In this "get acquainted" game, try to predict the most popular answers to opening night questions.

Ten Clued Very Much by Qaqaq

How few clues do you need?

Par Fours by Tortoise

Use sets of four letters from a grid to form words, the shorter the better

There, Wrong Number by Wrybosh

A creative over-the-weekend competition

Portlands by Jigsaw and Marcus Asparagus
Teleportland 2: Teleparty! by Trick
Tales from the Cryptic by Zebraboy

Over the weekend cryptics for pairs solving. Solutions are due by 8:00 PM Saturday

Friday, July 18th

Daytime - Sightseeing around Portland [on your own]

8:00 PM - Another evening of puzzles and games

On Beyond Initials by Mr. E

Come up with phrases using given letters — but the letters can't be the initials

Record Turnover by by Witz and Fraz

Trivia these days just isn't what it used to be

Snake Oil by Squonk and Cecil

Prepare the perfect pitch to pile up points

Saturday, July 19th

10:00AM - Business Meeting

2:15PM - An afternoon of pencil-and-paper competitions

Camouflage by Willz

In which, e.g., IMAGINE (clue: U.S. State) conceils the letters of MAINE in left-to-right order. Sixty examples, 25 minutes

Opposable Sums by Manx

Can you tease apart the pairs of anagrammed antonyms?

Starting Lines [flat-solving competition] by compiled by Saxifrage

Poetry lovers will find the contributions in this year's flat competition familiar at first

5:30PM - Convention photo (dressing up is welcome)

7:00 PM - The Golden Sphinx Awards presented by Teki

New! Recognizing outstanding achievement in contributions to The Enigma in 2013.

8:00 PM - Extravagawesome! by Rubrick, Sidhe, Trazom and Wombat

The traditional Saturday night extravaganza, now with more awesome!

Sunday, July 20th

10:30 AM - Awards for all the weekend contests