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Official Program

CONVIDENCE -- The 2011 Convention in Providence, Rhode Island

This year, the Krewe will be heading to the smallest state, but that won't stop us from having the biggest program! Here are a few highlights:

Polar Coordinates by Dart

In this groupthink challenge, you'll need to decide which of the fill-in-the-blank answers is more obvious as the "correct" answer to the entire room of players. Can you guess how the Krewe thinks?

Trios by Bluff

A team game where you and two others complete a set of trivia trios without speaking.

Once More, With Feline by Sue++, La Do La Li/Ti, and a group of Boston puzzlers

Sirhound is back, and there's gonna be flats! Watch the video stories and figure out the wordplay.

Different Strokes by Tinhorn

In this team optimization challenge, you and two others choose sets of words to fit given categories. The twist: no word in each set may share a letter with any other word.

A Child's Garden of Flats compiled by Saxifrage.

The annual flat competition will feature pastiches of children's songs -- suitable for a post-solving singalong!

Other activities planned include pencil-and-paper puzzles by Willz and Noam, a Scrabble challenge by Vroo, a hidden contest by ????, lots and lots of cryptic crosswords, finishing with a Saturday night extravaganza by Manx.

The general schedule is: puzzles and games Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings; the business meeting Saturday morning; prize competitions and convention photo Saturday afternoon (dressier clothes for the photo are appropriate, if you're so inclined); and awards Sunday morning.

See you soon in Rhode Island!