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Greetings Krewe! As part of our ongoing commitment to you, our loyal members, the helpful staff at ConPac have put together a store where you can purchase various and sundry ConPac paraphernalia. Wear your puzzle-loving on your sleeve! (Or on your chest, or on your mug, or on your bag, as the case may be...)

Click on any product to view it in the Zazzle store. All of the items in the first section come in two versions (with and without text) and can be customized to choose a different style or color. However, light products and dark products have different options available and use different artwork so you cannot switch between them within the Zazzle store. Note that the artwork will not look good on a black or very dark shirt or bag.

  • Light colored shirts - 60 different styles (men's, women's, children's, long-sleeved, tanks, baseball shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc.) in a variety of colors. The default for these shirts is white (because it's available in all styles), but we highly recommend natural if it is available in the style you like.
  • Dark colored shirts - 10 different styles in a variety of deep and dark colors. We recommend the red shirt.
  • Light bags - 6 different styles, including a two-tone impulse tote with 8 color options and a budget tote with 5 different color options.
  • Dark bags - 3 different styles, with different color options for each style.
  • Mugs - 7 different mug styles, including regular mugs, travel mugs, steins, and glass mugs, and multiple colors (for two-tone mugs only).

To customize a product, click on an image below to view on on Zazzle, then change the style and/or color from the Choose your style and color box on the right. Click See all to view all of the different styles for the product. Note that different styles come in different colors and available sizes and see comments above for recommendations.

Shopping Tip: If you would like to order multiple products, please add an item to your shopping cart and then return to this "ConPac Store" page to continue shopping. If you would like to keep the "ConPac store" page open the whole time, you can open each link in its own tab or window: simply right-click on the image below and select the appropriate option ("open in new tab" or "open in new window").

Light shirt Dark shirt Light bag Dark bag Mug
Logo only Logo only Logo only Logo only Logo only
Logo with text Logo with text Logo with text Logo with text Logo with text
Tie Keychain Magnet
Binder Light mousepad Dark mousepad

Note: These ConPac products contain the minimum "royalty" markup allowed by Zazzle. Any royalties received go into the NPL coffers to support the con and other activities.