WashingCon — 2021 Convention

July 1-4, 2021, Westin City Centre, Washington, DC

Organized by George Groth

June 17th Update

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Smithsonian Museums & National Zoo To allow a cap of 50% capacity going forward the Smithsonian is requiring visitors get FREE tickets. These are available up to 30 days in advance, but supplies are dwindling so it is advised that interested Krewe act quickly.

COVID-19 Precautions Current precautions related to WashingCon can be found on the COVID information page, most recently updated on June 11.

WashingCon is scheduled to take place July 1–4. It will be wonderful to get the Krewe together after missing last year’s convention, put forward for Ontario. It is difficult to be clear on many details because of the uncertainty we all are living through. It is still possible that things can change. However DC is on a good trajectory with more restrictions being lifted and the possibility of a vaccinated population seems like a reality.

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Convention Drop-in Policy
At most conventions, the League has a "drop-in" policy which allows locals to attend a single session on Thursday or Friday night as a way of learning about the League. At this point, we do not know if we will be able to keep this policy this year. More information will be available closer to con.

Code of Conduct
The organizers of this convention are committed to preserving a welcoming and respectful environment for anyone who wishes to participate. We do not tolerate harassment of convention-goers or League members in any form. If you feel that any individual is speaking or acting inappropriately, either toward you or to someone else, please contact a member of the Code of Conduct Committee to mediate or intercede, as necessary. Read the full Code of Conduct here. Read how to report an incident here.