The BeaCon Con Guide


Hotel Facilities

We have access to the entire 6th floor. Meals will be served in the Bohea room. There is public space (including a bar during certain hours) behind the front desk. There is also a public bar on the PL floor (the same floor the picnic is on).

The 6th floor is also the location to find and share puzzles, handouts, shared physical puzzles, portable escape rooms, etc. You can also leave any games or other materials for use by others during con.

The Wednesday evening con picnic is on the hotel roof (level PL on the elevator panel).

Hospitality Suite 901

Snacks may be found in the hospitality suite in Room 901. DO NOT take any hospitality suite food out of the hospitality suite! We get fined if there is any food brought into the event space. Please don't do it!

Meal Schedule

Friday Dinner: 6-7:30pm
Saturday Breakfast: 8-9:45am
Saturday Lunch: 12-1:45pm
Saturday Dinner: 6-7:30pm
Sunday Breakfast: 8-10am

The BeaCon Guide to Boston

178th NPL Convention, Boston, Massachusetts

July 6-9, 2017



The Revere Hotel

200 Stuart Street, Boston MA

This is the hotel where the con is. Go through the main entrance on Stuart Street to the left of the parking entrance - the check-in desk should be straight ahead through the doors.
Logan Airport

If you’re flying, you’ll probably end up here.

The cheapest way to get to the hotel is the Silver Line, which is a special bus that is part of the T (see below), and is free from the airport (but not anywhere else, go figure).

The simplest way is to take the Silver Line to South Station, which is about 0.7 of a mile from the hotel. See directions from South Station below.

With luggage, you may want to get closer to the hotel that South Station. Transferring from The Silver Line to the Red Line is also free and you can freely transfer from the Red Line to the Green or Orange Line to get closer to the hotel. This will take longer, but you will have to walk less. Se more info on the different stations below.
South Station

Rail - If you come by train from the south or west - whether intercity on Amtrak or regionally on the Commuter Rail - you’ll probably end up here. Also Intercity Buses End up here.

It’s about 0.7 of a mile from the hotel; you can walk it (~15 mins) if you’re feisty, or grab a cab, or call a Lyft. Or make like a native and take the T:

→ Red Line (toward Harvard and Alewife) 2 stops to Park Street, which is about a ten minute walk from the hotel; or you can transfer to any Green Line train/trolley
(NOT going toward Lechmere 2 stop to Arlington (a 5 minute walk);


→ Red Line (toward Harvard and Alewife) 1 stop to to Downtown Crossing, then the Orange Line (toward Forest Hills) 2 stops to Tufts Medical Center (a 6 minute walk).
North Station

If you come by rail from the north, you’ll probably end up here.

Take any Green Line train/trolley Inbound 5 stops to Arlington and walk a few blocks (~5 mins).
Back Bay Station

Some Trains from the South stop here

Walk (~10 mins) or take the Orange Line Inbound 1 stop to Tufts Medical Center and walk a few blocks (~7 mins).


Silver Line

See Arrival: Logan Airport above. This bus takes you to South Station, from which you can catch the Red Line.

MassPort Logan Shuttle

Shuttle around the Airport. This takes you to the terminals, the Blue Line Station, and rental cars.
Go Boston Shuttle

$40 from Logan to Revere Hotel

Shuttle to downtown. They don't officially go the Revere, but you can take it to the Park Plaza just down the block.
These arrive at the airport every 15-20 minutes or so.
Patriots Limousine

Limousine. use LIMO25 to get $25 off


Boston Cabs

$30-ish from Logan to Revere Hotel

Available at the Taxi stand at the Airport and at a stand directly across Stuart Street from the hotel.


$25-ish from Logan to Revere Hotel

App-driven car service. Their company practices aren't the best, so we'd prefer you use Lyft if you don't want to cab it.
Uber Pool

$20-ish from Logan to Revere Hotel

App-driven car service -- shared ride. Again, we'd prefer you Lyft Line.

$20-ish from Logan to Revere Hotel

Somewhat less creepy app-driven car service.
Note: at Logan Airport, you have to go to a specific location at each terminal to be picked up via rideshare app (applies to Uber too). The Lyft app tells you where to go.
Lyft Line

$15-ish from Logan to Revere Hotel

Somewhat less creepy app-driven car service -- shared ride


The T

$2.25/$2.75 per ride

Boston’s subway and bus transit system -- lines are commonly referred to by their color (Green/Red/Orange/Blue/Silver), and they typically close down by 1:00 am.

Riding the T costs $2.25 with a reusable Charlie Card and $2.75 with a Charlie Ticket. You can buy Charlie Tickets at any station; the closest place to get a Charlie Ticket (which doesn't cost anything beyond the usable amount you put on it) is Patriot News, at 31 St. James Place, about a 5 minute walk from the Hotel (Show on Map).

The Hotel is in the center of about half a dozen T stops:

Green Line
→ Boylston (best if going to North End, North Station, or TD Garden); 6 min walk
→ Arlington (best if going into Boston); 5 min walk

Orange Line
→ Chinatown (best if going to the North End, North Station, or TD Garden); 8 min walk
→ Tufts Med Center (best if going to Roxbury or Jamaica Plain); 6 min walk

Red Line
→ Park Street (best if going to Cambridge or Davis Square); 10 min walk
→ Downtown Crossing (best if going to South Station or almost anywhere else in Boston, Allston, or Brookline); 12 min walk
Hubway (bike share)

24-hour pass: $8; 72-hour pass: $15. If you keep a bike out for more than 30 minutes, it's $3 for each additional 30 minutes

Allows you to borrow a bike from any of the many Hubway stations all over town. If you return it to any station (not necessarily the originating station) within 30 minutes, there’s no charge.
If there's no available dock at a station, get a time extension via the station's kiosk, buying you time until a dock frees up, or to relocate to a nearby station.

Officially Hubway requires a helmet for everyone.
Officially Massachusetts requires a helmet if you're 17 or under.
The Hubway website lists a large number of bike shops in the area if you want to buy one.
Zipcar (car share)

Cost depends on vehicle chosen

If you have a membership at home, you can use it here


Driving in Boston

Driving in Boston is generally not fun, and if you can use any of the plethora of other transportation options, we highly recommend it.
There’s lots of traffic, a non-orthogonal tangle of streets, impatient drivers, limited and/or expensive parking in many locations, and famously poor signage.
[But hey, maybe you can pretend it's a PUZZLE to stay on Somerville Avenue as you drive through Union Square; yeah, that's it, a puzzle!]

If you can avoid bringing a car or can let it rest in a parking location for the duration of your stay, we recommend you do so.

Tolls and Tolling

There are tolls along the MassPike (I90), the Sumner Tunnel, the Ted Williams Tunnel, and the Tobin Bridge.

The tolling uses the same “EZPass” transponder system which is used in other cities in the northeast, including NYC.
This past January all of the tolls in Boston were converted to All Electronic Tolling, which means that there are no tollbooths --
overhead gantries on the highway or tunnels simply read the transponder.

For cars without transponders, a picture of your license plate is taken, and a bill is mailed to you, using a higher rate than for cars with transponders.
If you don’t have an EZPass transponder, you could get one online before arriving in Boston, but there’s a $20.00 initial fee, so it’s probably not worth it just for this visit.

If you opt to rent a car (don't rent a car, see "Driving in Boston") make sure you understand how the rental company will bill those tolls to you.


Parking near the Hotel

$18-$30/day has parking maps for pretty much any place you'd want to go
Self Parking at the Revere Hotel

Riverside Station (Southwest of City, Green Line)

$6 to $13 first day, $7 each additional day
Wellington Station (North of City, Orange Line)

$6 first day, $7 each additional day

Wellington parking is in a open lot (not covered).
Alewife Station (Northwest of City, Red Line)

$7 to $15 first day, $15 each additional day

Alewife parking is in a covered garage.

FOOD (and drink)


The Atrium

$$ -- 200 Stuart Street, Boston, MA : Lobby

Buffet breakfast at the hotel; nicely done, but $22, so …
Rooftop Bar

$$ -- 200 Stuart Street, Boston, MA : Near Pool

Situated by the pool of the Revere, trendy appetizers and cocktails, open till midnight every night
Emerald Lounge

$$ -- 200 Stuart Street, Boston, MA : 2nd Floor

Open till 12:30 Monday & Tuesday, 2 am all other days; food served till 10 pm; themed on the Wizard of Oz; come for the flying monkeys, stay for the tasty drinks


PF Chang's - City Place

$$ -- 8-10 Park Plaza (on Charles St. S), Boston, MA (Mass. Transportation Building)


2 minute walk
Chipotle - City Place

$ -- 8-10 Park Plaza (on Charles St. S), Boston, MA (Mass. Transportation Building)


2 minute walk
Starbucks - City Place

$ -- 12 Charles Street South, Boston, MA (Mass. Transportation Building)

Go to Dunkies instead; you're in Boston, dammit! (or Thinking Cup or Boston Common coffee if you want less chain-y nearby. You'll need coffee every day, right?)

2 minute walk
Jimmy John's - City Place

$ -- 12 Charles St. South, Boston, MA (Mass. Transportation Building)

Subs, sandwiches

2 minute walk
7-Eleven - City Place

$ -- 8-10 Park Plaza (on Stuart St), Boston, MA (Mass. Transportation Building)

Convenience Store

2 minute walk
Dunkin' Donuts - City Place

$ -- 8-10 Park Plaza (on Stuart St), Boston, MA (Mass. Transportation Building)

Boston has one donut shop for every 2,480 people, the most donut shops per capita than anywhere else in the world.
This is largely Dunkin' Donuts' fault. Come see why!

2 minute walk
Blaze Pizza - City Place

$ -- 123 Stuart Street, Boston, MA (Mass. Transportation Building)


3 minute walk
Panera Bread - City Place

$ -- 115 Stuart Street, Boston, MA (Mass. Transportation Building)

Sandwiches and salad

3 minute walk
Osaka Express - City Place (inside in the Food Court)

$ -- 8-10 Park Plaza, Boston, MA (Mass. Transportation Building)


2 minute walk
Crazy Dough's - City Place (inside in the Food Court)

$ -- 8-10 Park Plaza, Boston, MA (Mass. Transportation Building)

Fire grilled pizza

2 minute walk
Iron Wok - City Place (inside in the Food Court)

$ -- 8-10 Park Plaza, Boston, MA (Mass. Transportation Building)


2 minute walk
D'Angelo - City Place (inside in the Food Court)

$ -- 8-10 Park Plaza, Boston, MA (Mass. Transportation Building)


2 minute walk
Herrera's Mexican Grill - City Place (inside in the Food Court)

$ -- 8-10 Park Plaza, Boston, MA (Mass. Transportation Building)

Mexican food: burritos, tacos, quesadillas

2 minute walk
Legal Sea Foods

$$$ -- 20 Park Plaza, Boston, MA


2 minute walk
Doretta Taverna and Raw Bar

$$$ -- 79 Park Plaza, Boston, MA

Greek food, Raw Bar

3 minute walk

$$$$ -- 1 Charles Street South, Boston, MA

Pricey, well reviewed seafood (you'll want a reservation)

1 minute walk
New York Pizza

$ -- 224 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

This ex-New Yorker didn't think it was NY pizza the last time he went, but it was certainly closer than a lot of other pizza around here.
Its biggest attraction is late hours: open until 1am Sun-Wed and until 3am Thu-Sat.
Clientele gets a little sketchy at those later hours, especially after the bars close.

3 minute walk
Maria's Taqueria

$ -- 226 Tremont Street, Boston, MA


3 minute walk
Intermission Tavern

$$ -- 228 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

Takes its proximity to many Boston theaters very seriously indeed; trés dramatique!

3 minute walk

$$ -- 230 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

It's a Subway sandwich shop. You know what they have.

3 minute walk
Genki Ya

$$ -- 232 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

Sushi, decent veggie options

3 minute walk
Montien Thai

$$ -- 63 Stuart Street, Boston, MA

Thai, good veggie options

4 minute walk
Jacob Wirth

$$ -- 31-37 Stuart Street, Boston, MA

Tasty, fattening German food & good lager, also a piano and periodically the entire restaurant starts singing - for some this will be a draw, for others a reason to stay away

4 minute walk
Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar

$$$$ -- 217 Stuart Street, Boston, MA

Chain steakhouse

1 minute walk

$ -- 201 Stuart Street, Boston, MA

Sushi place without a website; how quaint

1 minute walk
Mike & Patty's

$ -- 12 Church Street, Boston, MA

Sandwiches; cheap breakfast option

4 minute walk
Maggiano's Little Italy

$$ -- 4 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA

Italian chain restaurant

2 minute walk

$$$$ -- 69 Church Street, Boston, MA

Hot new "innovative" Italian place; you'll need a reservation

2 minute walk
Liquid Art House

$$$ -- 100 Arlington Street, Boston, MA

Nouveau American & fusion cuisine, craft beers, craft cocktails, rotating art shows

3 minute walk
Smith & Wollensky

$$$$ -- 101 Arlington Street, Boston, MA

Venerable steakhouse in an old castle in Back Bay; retro feel and great if you have a desire to pretend you’re Don Draper or Joan Holloway

3 minute walk
Strip by Strega

$$$$ -- 64 Arlington Street, Boston, MA

Pricey but very tasty steakhouse attached to the Park Plaza Hotel

4 minute walk



$ or $$ -- 70 Beach Street, Boston, MA

Lots of great restaurants; address is for the gate

7-15 minute walk

$$ -- 45 Province Street, Boston, MA

Tinned fish from around the world, charcuterie, ceviche, and an awesome wine list

15 minute walk

$$$ -- 120 Kingston Street, Boston, MA

Really astounding seafood towers and charcuterie plates; also what I’m told is a super bloody Mary bar if you’re into that type of thing

10 minute walk

$$$ -- 505 Washington street, Boston, MA

Sushi, Japanese finger food, interesting cocktails - and they have really cool glasses, and an original Chihuly on display

10 minute walk
Area Four

$$ -- 284 East Berkeley, Boston, MA

Newish place in the South End (which is where most of the gay bars are) that has good wood fired pizzas and trendy cocktails, also a decent wine list.
Some of you may have visited Area Four near MIT; this is its sister location

15 minute walk
O Ya

$$$$ -- 9 East Street, Boston, MA

Sushi and other Japanese stuff, but what really makes it is the omakase, which is a dinner with cocktail pairings.

12 minute walk
Myers + Chang

$$ -- 1145 Washington Street, Boston , MA

Asian Fusion with a hipster-y twist. They have a really good dim sum brunch on the weekend. One of B-Side’s favorites.

10 minute walk

$$$$ -- 15 Beacon Street, Boston, MA

Awesome steak house, one of Ucaoimhu's & Hathor's favorites;
they mix marrow and butter together and put it in a bone that they serve along side your steak, which all non-vegetarian restaurants should do!

15 minute walk through the common

$$ -- 513 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

Great pizza (burnt/thin crust). Fantastic beers. Terrific atmosphere. One of D. Ness' favorite restaurants in Boston.
It's small and doesn't take reservations, so there's often a wait.

11 minute walk



$$$$ -- 354 Congress Street, Boston, MA

Fantastic food, and they do a great tasting menu.
They just started doing price fixe lunches, which while expensive ($34 for two courses, or $45 for three, additional $10 per course for wine pairings) are cheaper than dinner

Take Silver Line 1, Silver Line 2, or bus 4, 7, or 11 from the Hotel
Tasting Counter

$$$$ -- 14 Tyler Street, Somerville, MA

This is a relatively small space, which seats no more than 20 people around an open area where you can see the food being finished.
There are two seating each night for a many course tasting menu with your choice of wine, beer, or sake pairings; you need to buy tickets in advance.
It’s $180, including tax, tip, and booze.

Hathor says “this place is well worth the price! Oh, and if you’re going let me know, I may want to join you….”

You’ll either need to take both the T and a bus, or drive, or call a Lyft
Neptune Oyster

$$$$ -- 63 Salem Street, Boston, MA

Best lobster roll in the city, fantastic seafood all around, and they make their own oyster crackers. They don’t take reservations, and it’s small, so expect to wait. It’s worth it.

Green Line or Orange Line to Haymarket
Cuchi Cuchi

$$$ -- 795 Main Street, Cambridge, MA

International tapas in a space that looks like someone with a 20s fixation and an inability to stop buying things spent three weeks flea marketing around America.

Red Line to Kendall & walk (? mile) or Green Line to Hynes Convention Center and take the #1 bus
KO Pies

$/$$ -- 87 A Street, South Boston, MA

Australian meat pies & beer (also vegetarian pies). Plus the opportunity to hear honest-to-god Southie accents. Joey can tell us if it's authentic.

# 9 bus from Arlington St & St. James to West Broadway and A Street

$$ -- 1746 Washington St, South End, Boston

Boston's first Senegalese restaurant, corner of Mass. Ave. The chef-owner, Marie-Claude Mendy, was born in Senegal and raised in Paris.
She has appeared on TV cooking shows and has been featured in the Globe and the NY Times.

Silver Line 4 or 5 from Tufts Medical Center, 5 min. walk from hotel, to Mass. Ave, across street from restaurant.
Union Oyster House

$$ -- 41 Union St, Boston, MA

Historic oyster bar that's been open since 1826. yodaughter said we'd be remiss to not include this on a list of Boston eateries

Orange Line to Haymarket
Union Square Donuts

$$ -- 20 Bow St, Somerville, MA

Your local hipster donut emporium.
A second location recently opened in Brookline, giving you two places to try their Brown Butter Hazelnut Crunch, Sea Salt Bourbon Caramel, and (sigh) Maple Bacon donuts.

Take the Green Line to Lechmere, then walk 20 minutes down Somerville Ave. or get a Lyft.

(food and) DRINK


Rooftop Bar

$$ -- 200 Stuart Street, Boston, MA : Near Pool

Situated by the pool of the Revere, trendy appetizers and cocktails, open till midnight every night
Emerald Lounge

$$ -- 200 Stuart Street, Boston, MA : 2nd Floor

Open till 12:30 Monday & Tuesday, 2 am all other days; food served till 10 pm; themed on the Wizard of Oz; come for the flying monkeys, stay for the tasty drinks


The Tam

$-- 222 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

Sleazy hole-in-the-wall bar with tons o’ atmosphere; no food, cash only; cheap, and you get what you pay for

4 minute walk
Rock Bottom Brewery - City Place

$$ -- 115 Stuart Street, Boston, MA (Mass. Transportation Building)

Acceptable beer and food

3 minute walk
Liquid Art House

$$$ -- 100 Arlington Street, Boston, MA

Nouveau American & fusion cuisine, craft beers, craft cocktails, rotating art shows

3 minute walk

$$ -- 45 Province Street, Boston, MA

Tinned fish from around the world, charcuterie, ceviche, and an awesome wine list

15 minute walk


Bantam Cider Company

$ -- 40 Merriam Street, Somerville, MA

You can get Bantam products around town, but there will be options here that are not available elsewhere; no food, but the cider is spectacular

you’ll either need to take both the T and a bus (many possible combinations), or drive, or call a Lyft
Somerville Brewing Company

$ -- 15 Ward Street, Somerville, MA

Slumbrew's flagship shop. Hathor highly recommends this beer - and the food's tasty too (though a limited menu)

you’ll either need to take both the T and a bus (many possible combinations), or drive, or call a Lyft
American Fresh Beer Garden

$ -- 301 Canal Street, Somerville, MA

Slumbrew's satellite beer garden. Hathor highly recommends this beer - and the food's tasty too (though a limited menu)

Orange Line to Assembly
Aeronaut Brewing Company

$ -- 14 Tyler Street, Somerville, MA

Very nice, HUGE space, often with performances or art installations; irregularly has food vendors; Tasting Counter (a FANTASTIC albeit expensive) restaurant is in the back of the space

you’ll either need to take both the T and a bus (many possible combinations), or drive, or call a Lyft
Winter Hill Brewing Company

$ -- 328 Broadway, Somerville, MA

Good pub food & great beer; awesome atmosphere

you’ll either need to take both the T and a bus (many possible combinations), or drive, or call a Lyft
Boston Beer Works

$$ -- 112 Canal Street, Boston, MA

Pretty extensive beer selection and decidedly mediocre food; it’s near Fenway; the Sox are traveling during Con week, so it shouldn't be too crowded

Green line B, C, or D to Kenmore
Cambridge Brewing Company

$$ -- 1 Kendall Square, Cambridge , MA

Old standby for after Mystery Hunt; one of our oldest brew pubs, with decent food, good beer, and an ever-updating mural of Boston’s best citizens

Red Line to Kendall



$$ -- 50 Dalton Street, Boston, MA OR 1281 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA

Dive bar with an astounding number of beers available; white trash comfort food

Green Line to Hynes, or #55 bus to Dalton St @ Boylston Street
The Publick House

$$ -- 1648 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA

Good food, and tons of beers, with an especially large number of Belgians

Red Line To Central & walk 3/4 mile, or Red Line to Harvard & #69 bus to Cambridge St @ Prospect St
The Brewer's Fork

$$ -- 7 Moulton Street, Charlestown, MA

Pizza, gastropub favorites, very impressive beer, wine, and cocktail list; they are very good at recommending the right beer for whatever you’re eating
Lord Hobo

$$ --92 Hampshire Street, Cambridge MA

Come for the 40 well-curated taps; stay for the lobster mac & cheese

Red Line to Kendall and walk 3/4 mile



$$$ -- 384 Congress Street, Boston, MA

There’s no drink menu here; you just tell the bartender what type of thing you like to drink and he’ll whip you up something appropriate

#448, 449, or 459 bus to Congress St at A St

$$$ -- 7 Sanborn Court, Somerville, MA

Probably the best place to watch the bartenders work & pretend you’re in the movie Cocktail; also usually have good charcuterie & cheese plates

you’ll either need to take both the T and a bus (many possible combinations), or drive, or call a lift

$$ -- 200 Hanover Street, Boston, MA

Old-fashioned drinks with a focus on cordials

Orange or Green Line to Haymarket
Oak + Rowan

$$$ -- 321 A Street, Boston, MA

You know how when you go to dim sum they wheel the carts around & bring the food to you? Oak + Rowan does that with cocktails.

Silver Line 4 to South Station, Dudley or #11 bus to A St at Necco Street (yes, that is where the candy factory was)
Eastern Standard

$$$ -- 528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston MA

Brasserie done up with red leather and dark woods, if that's your thing. Very near Fenway Park, where some team plays baseball, I think.
Fortunately, they're traveling the week of con, so it shouldn't be too crowded.
Very good food, yummy cocktail list, and the bartenders are more than capable of going off-menu if desired.
(Drink, BackBar & Eastern Standard seem to regularly swap bartenders.)

Green Line to Kenmore, or a 1.75 mile walk



177 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

Two rooms, both excellent

near the Common about a five minute walk from the hotel
Escape the Room Boston

33 West St. (3rd floor), Boston MA

Three rooms (The Office, The Dig, The Apartment). This writer has only done two of them but enjoyed them both!

Also near the Common, about a 10-minute walk
Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

628 Somerville Avenue, Somerville, MA

Just what you would imagine; the Zombie’s on a chain that gets longer the more time you spend in the room & if they touch you, you’re out

Red Line to Porter Square
Room Escapers: Pirate's Booty II

112 Blackstone Street, Boston, MA

Sequel to the popular Pirate's Booty

Green Line or Orange Line to Haymarket
Boda Borg

90 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA

Boda Borg is the Swedish Invasion of puzzling, and Boston is the beachhead. Boda Borg offers a variety of themed challenges both mental and physical.
You’ll probably come back feeling more tired and sore than you thought possible, but having enjoyed every bit of it.

$20 per person for 2 hours or $30 for a whole day.

take the T Orange Line to Malden Center and walk 3-4 blocks, or drive
8D Room Escape and Board Games

63 Exchange Street, Malden, MA

These 2 escape rooms just opened up literally around the corner from Boda Borg. Check these out while you're in the area for some questing!

take the T Orange Line to Malden Center and walk 3-4 blocks, or drive
5 Wits

202 Patriots Place, Foxboro, MA

Five Wits has two themed “adventures,” which take you through several rooms solving puzzles and unlocking a narrative as you go.
The puzzles are fairly basic, but the production values are incredible! Several of the people involved have worked in film special effects, and that shows.

The adventures available at Foxboro are 20000 Leagues and Espionage.
$20 per person for a single adventure, $25 for both in one day.

Commuter Rail from Back Bay to Norfolk, Tri-Town Connector to Patriot Place (about 1.5 hours) or drive 30-60 minutes depending on traffic)
Urban Scavenger Hunt

Boston Common, Boston, MA

Commercial scavenger hunt around downtown Boston and get clues via smartphone; $49 per team

Start at Boston Common Near the hotel



The hotel is not a copy shop, but if you need to print a page or two, there is a Surface laptop next to the Concierge and an HP laser printer in a cabinet on the wall. If you need a paper boarding pass, this is also a good spot.

Note: the laptop is set up so that sessions last only 10 minutes and it supposedly wipes out everything from the session at the end of that time. However, it does not. If you sign into your email or any other site, make sure you sign out. If you use gmail, you will want to explicitly remove your name from the list of known users.

24-Hour FedEx Office (aka Kinko's)

187 Dartmouth St, Boston, MA 02116

Cheapest copy shop near hotel; also a shipping center

10 minutes walk (turn left on Stuart Street leaving hotel, go 4 blocks, then turn right)
FedEx Office (aka Kinko's)

Park Plaza Hotel, 50 Park Plaza, Boston, MA

Very close to hotel but twice as expensive as FedEx Office that is farther away; limited hours Saturday, closed Sunday

4 minutes walk
Color Copy Center

31 St. James St, Boston, MA

Copy shop between two FedEx Office locations in distance and between them in price; closed Saturday and Sunday

5 minutes walk



631 Washington St, Boston, MA

Drug store

10 minutes walk

620 Washington St, Boston, MA

Drug and convenience store

10 minutes walk
The UPS Store

198 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

Shipping and copying

5 minutes walk

1 Washington Street, Boston, MA

Office Supplies

10 minutes by Green Line or Orange Line
Bay Village Cleaners

350 Tremont Street, Boston, MA


4 minutes walk

500 Boylston Street, Boston, MA

Department Store

10 minutes walk
Citizens Bank

426 Boylston Street, Boston, MA


8 minutes walk
Bank of America ATM

157 Stuart street, Boston, MA


1 minute walk
Co-Op Network ATM (Inside 7-Eleven - City Place)

8 Park Plaza (on Stuart St), Boston, MA (Mass. Transportation Building)

Surcharge-free ATM for Credit Union members on the Co-Op Network

2 minute walk
Allpoint Network ATM (Inside Mass Bay Credit Union)

10 Park Plaza (on Stuart St), Boston, MA (Mass. Transportation Building)

Surcharge-free ATM for Credit Union members on the Allpoint Network

2 minute walk
Bacco's Wine & Cheese Shop

1-31 St. James Ave, Boston, MA

Wine & Cheese, surprisingly enough

5 minutes walk
Roche Brothers

8 Summer Street, Boston, MA


10 minutes by Orange line; 15 minutes walk


Fourth of July Fireworks

Charles River Esplanade, Boston, MA

On Tuesday night, after dark, there will be some serious fireworks on the Charles River, and the Pops will be playing at the DCR Hatch Shell, about a mile from the hotel,
on the Boston Side of the river. As you might imagine, security has gotten tighter recently, so if you’re planning to hit the river, you may want to check the link to see
what you are allowed to bring with you.

Fireworks will be visible all along both sides of the Charles, and any place that’s relatively high up (I suspect the rooftop pool of the hotel will be good for viewing).
Note that this gets VERY crowded. Many people head down to the Oval near the Hatch Shell early in the day to save spots.
Boston Common

139 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

Bandshell with occasional music, people watching, street vendors, buskers, the Park Street T station

About a five minute walk north on Park Plaza
Boston Public Garden

4 Charles Street, Boston, MA

Swan boats, Ducklings statues; should be lovely in July

Right next to the Boston Common
The Freedom Trail

0 Charles Street, Boston, MA

A 2.5 mile path visiting 16 different sites; you can walk it yourself (follow the red path) or pay for a tour hosted by one of Boston’s many underemployed actors;
the trail starts at the Boston Common and ends in Charlestown, passing through the North End, where there is all kinds of tasty Italian food

Starts at Boston Common at the Visitors Center, runs into Charlestown (you could go the other way, of course)
Beacon Hill

24 Beacon Street, Boston, MA

Great old architecture and even older money

Just on the other side (North) of the Common, a 12 minute walk, or take the 43 bus through the Common
The Charles River (Kayak rental)

21 David G Mugar Way, Boston MA

If you love that dirty water, you can rent a kayak or paddleboard; closed July 3 and 4

A mile due North of the hotel, walk or take the #43 bus through the common, then walk along Charles St & take the Appleton footbridge over the highway to get to the river
Rose Kennedy Greenway

Atlantic Avenue and High Street, Boston, MA

The Rose Kennedy Greenway is a series of linear parks, each with its own character, stretching over 2-3 miles downtown.
On the web site you can find the locations of the art installation, fountains, and other highlights. Now featuring an open-air Biergarten and a zip line!

There are several Hubway stands along the way, so you can bike it if you like.

Orange line to State Street and half mile walk
Arnold Arboretum

125 Arborway, Boston, MA

The Arboretum has many plant species on display.

Orange Line to Forest Hills
Minuteman Bikeway

Alewife Station, Cambridge , MA

13-mile bike path from Cambridge through Arlington, Bedford, and Lexington

Red Line to Alewife
Harvard University

30 Dunster Street, Cambridge , MA

There are walking tours around both the University and the general vicinity, and a number of really cool museums at Harvard, which are listed below in the museum section

Red Line to Harvard
Mt. Auburn Cemetery

580 Mt. Auburn St, Cambridge , MA

In addition to many lovely headstones and famous people, the cemetery is home to a vast array of flora, and is a favorite of birdwatchers.

Red Line to Harvard, then #71 bus to Mt. Auburn St @ Aberdeen Avenue
Boston Harbor Islands

Ferry departs from Long Wharf

Take a ferry out to tour the Harbor Islands. There's an old fort on Georges Island, the oldest light station in America, and great walking paths and beaches.

Blue Line to Aquarium or Green or Orange Line to Haymarket
Middlesex Fells

4 Woodland Road, Stoneham, MA

A large area with good trails for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking

Orange Line to Oak Grove and #99 bus to Boston Regional Medical center, walk to Botume House Visitor Center or drive
Berklee Summer in the City


Free outdoor performances by Berklee students, probably near other listed attractions. Often around lunchtime.


New England Aquarium

1 Central Wharf, Boston, MA

Complete with IMAX theater that doesn't show Jaws but does have an awesome shark movie

Green Line (any train) to Government Center, then Blue Line to Aquarium
Museum of Science

1 Science Park, Boston, MA

Current exhibits include "Popnology" about the intersection of sci-fi & real science.
Also has a giant Van de Graaf generator, lots of other cool exhibits, a planetarium, and the Omni theater, which is IMAX but more so.

Green Line (any train) to Science
Boston Children's Museum

308 Congress Street, Boston, MA

Great interactive museum for kids (Aquarium & MoS are also good for little ones). A giant Hood milk bottle is out front - this often sells ice cream in the summer.

It's about 2 miles away, and many busses and T lines will cut that in half, but it's still going to be 16-17 minutes walking (or 40 minutes if you decide to hoof it there)
The Harvard Museum of National History

26 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA

A diverse collection of taxidermied critters, a kick ass bee colony, and some truly astounding glass flowers.

Red Line to Harvard. (Free to MA residents Sunday, 9-noon, Wed. 3-5pm. Always free + guest to Harvard IDs, active military.)
Museum of Fine Arts

645 Huntington Street, Boston, MA

World class art museum; currently showing a wonderful Matisse exhibit, major Botticelli exhibit; also photos from Lodz taken during the Nazi Occupation which are tough to see but really amazing

Green Line (E) to Museum of Fine Arts (Free on Wednesdays after 4).
Institute of Contemporary Art

25 Harbor Shore Drive, Boston, MA

Small but tasty collection of modern art

About a mile walk (Free on Thursdays after 5, beautiful harbor views, can be paired with the Harborwalk/waterfront walking path and other seaport attractions, like "Drink" or "Lawn on D")
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

25 Evans Way , Boston, MA

Gardner amassed a great collection during her life, and in her will made her home into a museum with the stipulation that none of her collection would ever be moved or sold.
The result is a very quirky museum, with oddities like a Rembrandt shoved in a corner. A gorgeous collection.

Green Line (E) to Longwood
(Free on Friday, July 7, otherwise free on your birthday or if your name is Isabella - ID required for either)
DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum

51 Sandy Park Road, Lincoln, MA

Modern art museum with a fantastic outdoor sculpture display

about a 25-40 minute drive (depending on traffic), not accessible by public transportation, but worthwhile if you’ve got a vehicle
The Harvard Art Museums

32 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA

Actually four museums in connected buildings, ranging from ancient artifacts to modern works

Red Line to Harvard. (Free to all MA residents Sat, 10-noon. Always free for people under 18. Always free + guest to Harvard IDs, active military & SNAP.)
New England Historic Genealogical Society

99–101 Newbury Street, Boston MA

A remarkable collection of records from all over New England, housed in a gorgeous old building.
"Visitors have access to millions of documents, manuscripts, records, books, microfilms, photographs, artifacts, electronic resources, and other items that preserve and reveal our nation’s history."

Half-mile walk from the hotel (Free on Friday, July 7)

200 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115

World-famous three-story stained-glass globe, complete with fascinating out-of-date geography.

Green line to Hynes, Prudential or Symphony. Nearby is a vintage-looking store called Bodega with a Snapple machine that's worth taking a look at...
Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

306 Congress St., Boston MA

Costumed performers tell the story of Boston during the Revolutionary War. Throw "tea" into the harbor yourself! Also has a tea room with food and drink.

Red Line to South Station, 5 minute walk
MIT Museum

265 Massachusetts Ave., Bldg N51, Cambridge, MA 02139

Highly recommended for the ongoing exhibition of Arthur Ganson's kinetic sculptures, which can be mind-blowing, delightful, or profound, or all at once.

12 min walk to Park St, then red line to Central Square, then 6 minute walk


Boston Brew Tours

143 Charles Street, Boston, MA

Takes you to several breweries for a behind-the-scenes look, tasting, and if you like, lunch

Leaves from the Boston Common, check web site for details
Ghosts and Gravestones

200 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA

Visit cemeteries, Jack the Ripper’s favorite spots, etc., hosted by some of Boston's finest unemployed actors

Orange Line to State
Duck Tours

Prudential Center, Boston, MA

Amphibious vehicles take you around Boston, down the Charles, and into Cambridge, while locals quack at you (or vice versa)

Green Line (B, C, or D) to Prudential


General Info

Downtown Crossing

Washington Street at Summer Street, Boston, MA

Downtown Crossing is the home to stores that specialize in jewelry, drugs, health and beauty products, accessories, books, music, videos, cell phone services, banking services, and several pushcart vendors. If you enjoy crowds, this can be considered one of the most bustling intersections in Boston during weekdays, and is a popular shopping area.

15 minutes walk
Newbury Street

1 Newbury street, Boston, MA

Newbury Street is an upscale shopping area in Boston's historic Back Bay District. The cluster of stores on Newbury Street begin at the Public Garden and end at Massachusetts Avenue to the west.

5 minutes walk to the Public Garden end of the street; Take the Green Line (B, C, or D) to Hynes Convention Center to get to (or from) the other end)
Prudential Center

800 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02199

Upscale indoor mall near Newbury street. Unique attractions include Eataly, Tesla, and a mesmerizing security robot.

Green Line to Copley, Hines or Prudential. (Orange line to Back Bay, if you wish to cut through Copley Place, an adjacent upscale mall that does not have an Eataly.)
Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market

4 South Market Street, Boston, MA

Located near the waterfront and today's Government Center, in Boston, Massachusetts, Faneuil Hall has been a marketplace and a meeting hall since 1743. Quincy Market (just behind it) is a century newer.

Orange Line to State Street
Assembly Square Market Place

Assembly Row, Somerville, MA

A 45 acres (180,000 m2) mixed-use, smart growth development that broke ground in April 2012. It includes premium retail outlets, restaurants, residential space, state-of-the-art office and research and development space, a 12-screen cinema and a Lego store. If you visited Assembly Square before redevelopment, you'll be shocked at what it looks like now

Orange Line to Assembly
The Cambridgeside Galleria

Cambridgeside Place, Cambridge, MA

Waterfront shopping center with over 120 stores & restaurants, and really nice open space overlooking the Lechmere Canal

Green Line to Lechmere
Boston Public Market

100 Hanover Street, Boston MA

Year-round source of a variety of delicious foodstuffs, in a nice indoor space near the greenway. It's like the most hipster of food courts.

Green or Orange Line to Haymarket

Games and Puzzles


1349 Brookline Street, Brookline, MA

Green Line C branch to Coolidge Corner
Pandemonium Books & Games

4 Pleasant Street, Cambridge, MA

Regular RPG gaming

Red Line to Central
The Games People Play

1100 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Red Line to Harvard
Knight Moves Cafe

1402 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA

Board game café, offering coffee, snacks, and massive board game libraries.

Green Line C branch to Winchester Street/Summit

Books and Comics

Barnes and Noble

800 Boylston Street, Boston, MA (in the Prudential Center)

Books, toys, games, and a café. Official owner/distributor of Sterling Publishing, publisher of all your favorite puzzle books.

Green Line to Prudential or Copley, or Orange Line to Back Bay Station
Brattle Book Shop

9 West Street, Boston, MA

Antiquarian book shop, established in the early 19th century

10 minutes walk from the hotel, on the west side of the Common

464 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA

Comics, classics, underground, and indie titles

Green Line (B, C, or D) to Kenmore
Commonwealth Books

9 Spring Lane, Boston, MA

Used books and old prints, including a lot of funky maps; keeps winning "Best Used Book Store" awards

Orange Line to State (or walk; it's about a mile)
Brookline Booksmith

279 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA

Check the calendar to see if any of your faves are giving readings; regular children's story time hours

Green Line C branch to Coolidge Corner

407 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA

Tons of toys, comics, and graphic novels

Red Line to Davis Square
Harvard Book Store

1256 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Books, readings, Harvard Gear; worth visiting if you're in the Square

Red Line to Harvard
Million Year Picnic

99 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA

Comics and lots of cool toys!

Red Line to Harvard
Newbury Comics

1 North Market Street, Boston, MA (in Faneuil Hall Marketplace)

Music, comix, books, hipster watching

Green Line to Government Center or Haymarket
Newbury Comics

36 JFK Street, Cambridge, MA (upstairs in The Garage)

Music, comix, books, hipster watching

Red Line to Harvard
Newbury Comics

332 Newbury Street, Boston, MA

Music, comix, books, hipster watching

Green Line (B, C, or D) to Hynes Convention Center
New England Comics

14A Eliot Street, Cambridge, MA

Comics and indies

Red Line to Harvard
Trident Booksellers & Cafe

338 Newbury Street, Boston MA

A fine stop for brunch or a beverage near the eastern end of Newbury Street.
They have historically carried a solid collection of less mainstream and foreign magazines, though admittedly it's been a while since this reviewer has been in to check.

Green Line to Hynes Convention Center


Fenway Park

Boston Red Sox: 4 Yawkey Way, Boston, MA

The Sox are traveling through all of con, but that means that you can take tours of Fenway Park any time you want.
Purchase tickets ahead of time online, or try to get them at the gate. Tours are hourly 9am - 5 pm

Green Line (B, C, or D) to Kenmore
McCoy Stadium

Pawtucket Red Sox: 1 Columbus Ave, Pawtucket, RI

The minor league team will be around, and will be playing evening games July 7, 8, and 9, which interferes with con activities, but may be of interest to non-puzzlers traveling with you

Amtrak from Back Bay Station to Providence, then transfer to Rhode Island Transit to Columbus FS Pond (about 1.5 hours) or drive (about an hour if traffic isn't too awful)
Gillette Stadium

New England Revolution: 1 Patriot Place, Foxborough, MA

Our local soccer (or football, for Joey) team will be playing the New York Red Bulls on Wednesday evening

Commuter Rail from Back Bay to Norfolk, Tri-Town Connector to Patriot Place (about 1.5 hours) or drive 30-60 minutes depending on traffic)
TD Garden

100 Legends Way, Boston, MA

Home of the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins, neither of which will be playing there, but maybe you want to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for some reason.

Green Line or Commuter Rail to North Station


Activity Listings

Mommy Poppins web site

Nice web site with recommendations and searches (by age, area, etc.) for kids' activities and special events. Make sure to select the Boston location!

Museums that appeal to kids include the New England Aquarium (and IMAX theater), the Boston Children's Museum, and the Museum of Science (and IMAX theater). See the MUSEUMS section.

Puppet Showplace Theatre

32 Station Street, Brookline, MA 02445

The excellent Puppet Showplace Theatre is running "The Pirate, the Princess, and the Pea" from July 5-8. If you're interested, check out the link
The theater is small, and one of the shows is already sold out.

Green Line (D) to Riverside
Boston Frog Pond

Boston Common

Summer spray pool and children's carousel in the Boston Common.

0.5 miles
Swan boats

Boston Public Garden

For a few bucks you can take a 12-15 minute ride on the famous boats in the Public Gardens.

0.3 miles
Make Way for Ducklings! statue

Boston Public Garden

Iconic Boston statue based on the children's book, located in the Public Gardens

0.4 miles
Rose Kennedy Greenway

The Rings Fountain and other water features, the many art installations, and the carousel featuring Boston-native species are nice kid-friendly sites.

1 miles walk (to southern end), OR green or orange line to Haymarket (northern end)

598 Assembly Row Somerville, MA 02145

One of 9 locations in the U.S., and just a short T ride away from the hotel.

Orange Line to Assembly Square

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